Monday, August 10, 2020

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:

  • "The Return of Thelma the Unicorn" by Aaron BLABEY
  • "Friendship is Like a Seesaw" by Shona INNES; illustrated by Iriz AGOCS
      Fiction Book:
      • "The Beast of Buckingham Palace" by David WALLIAMS; illustrated by Tony ROSS
      • "Trouble in New York" by Sylvia BISHOP
      • "The 117-Storey Treehouse" by Andy GRIFFITHS; illustrated by Terry DENTON (Treehouse series)
      • "Alice-Miranda in Scotland by Jacqueline HARVEY (Alice-Miranda series)
      • "Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes" by Clive GIFFORD
      • "3D Printing Projects" by Karyn GERHARD
      • "Laos : Discover the Country, People and Culture" by Jane HINCHEY  (Australia's Neighbours series)
      • "Antarctica : Discover the Land, History and People" by Jane HINCHEY  (Australia's Neighbours series)
      Senior Fiction:
      • "Rated" by Melissa GREY

      Monday, August 3, 2020

      On the New Books Display this Week

      Picture Book:

      • "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!" by Mo WILLEMS
      • "Love From the Crayons" by Drew DAYWALT
          Fiction Book:
          • "Miniwings : Firestorm's Musical Muck-Up" by Sally SUTTON; illustrated by Kirsten WILLIAMS (Miniwings series)
          • "Miniwings : Comet's Cross-Country Crime" by Sally SUTTON (Miniwings series); illustrated by Kirsten WILLIAMS 
          • "The Bad Guys : Episode 10 - The Baddest Day Ever" by Aaron BLABEY (The Bad Guys series)
          • "Olivia's Secret Scribbles : Box Car Racers"  by Meredith COSTAIN; illustrated by Danielle McDONALD (Olivia's Secret Scribble series)
          • "The Everything Book of Dogs and Puppies" by Andrea MILLS
          • "Elephants on the Edge" by Charles HOPE
          • "Mother Teresa" by Isabel Sanchez VEGARA  (Little People, BIG DREAMS series)
          • "Minecraft : Guide to Redstone" by Craig JELLEY (Minecraft : Guide to series)
          Senior Fiction:
          • "Sunny Rolls the Dice" by Jennifer HOLM; illustrated by Matthew HOLM (Sunny series)

          Monday, July 27, 2020

          On the New Books Display this Week

          Picture Book:

          • "The Lost Cows of Kapiti" by Michael PERYER; illustrated by Susan WILDBLOOD
          • "The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors" by Drew DAYWALT; illustrated by Adam REX
              Fiction Book:
              • "Pepe, The Beach Stallion" by Kelly WILSON (Showtym Adventures series)
              • "Mophead : How Your Difference Makes a Difference" by Selina Tusitala MARSH
              • "The Streets of Panic Park" by R.L. STINE (Goosebumps : Horrorland series)
              • "Dog Man - Fetch 22"  by Dav PILKEY (Dog Man series)
              • "Danger!" by Dorling Kindersley  
              • "Planet in Peril" by Anita GANERI (Horrible Geography series)
              • "The Dinosaurs Book" editor Dan PEEL
              • "Now You Know What You Eat" by Valorie FISHER
              Senior Fiction:
                • "The Last Word" by Patricia FORDE (The List series)

                Thursday, July 23, 2020

                Mrs Keane Recommends

                Senior Fiction

                The Poison Boy by Fletcher Moss
                (Thriller/Suspense )
                Dalton Fly and his friend are hired food tasters for the rich and powerful. Dalton has a lucky escape when the wine he tastes is laced with poison - his friend is not so lucky. Dalton needs to escape the scene of the crime and find out who is responsible for killing his mate and almost killing him. A fast paced tale of murder, mystery and intrigue.

                The List by Patricia Forde
                (Science Fiction)
                "The List" contains all the the words which are allowed to be used in the city of Ark, all 500 words. Anyone using other words may be punished or banished. Letta and her master are wordsmiths, they collect all the words they can and record them so they are not lost forever. When her master goes missing Letta realises that life in Ark is not all that it seems.

                The Fall by Tristan Bancks 
                (Mystery & Detective/Suspense)
                Woken in the night by angry voices, Sam moves to the apartment window just as there's a struggle and a body falls past the window. The body lies motionless on the ground 5 floors down. Running footsteps on the stairs are quickly followed by a figure leaving the building and moving towards the body, the figure looks up, strait at Sam! 

                The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford
                (Action & Adventure/Fantasy)
                Imagine never growing up, never having to get a job, always being able to get child rates at the movies and on the bus or train. It's not all the fun you might think. Your friends grow up and leave you behind, you have to move a lot so people don't get suspicious, you know stuff that kids your age don't - because you've lived it over the last 1000 years!

                The Inventory: Iron Fist by Andy Briggs
                (Thriller/Suspense/Action & Adventure)
                Whats more secret than Top Secret? Answer, The Inventory. Dev lives with his uncle, the custodian of The Inventory, an ultra secret facility for the storage of thousands of machines, gadgets and devices deemed too dangerous or unsuitable for public knowledge. Somehow Dev has helped Shadow Helix gain access to The Inventory and now he has to stop them from taking Iron Fist.

                Friday, July 3, 2020

                Book Fair 2020 - Update

                St Brendan's Book Fair has wrapped up for another year. A BIG Thank You to everyone who came along, helping to make it our most successful Book Fair yet. This year, sales earned us an amazing 70+ free new books for our library collection. 
                An extra special thank you to the families who purchased a "Red Dot" book for donation to the library - keep a look out for them on the library “New Book Display” over the first half of next term, they'll all have special Book Fair 2020 Donation book plates inside!  
                Books on order from the Scholastic Book Fair warehouse should arrive before the start of next term, and all being well, I'll process and deliver them to the eager recipients in their classrooms at the beginning of the first week back.

                Friday, June 19, 2020

                Storylines/What Now Kids' Pick - Chance to win books

                Click HERE to find out more and enter. Voting closes 2 July. 
                Winners announced on What Now on Sunday, 5 July.

                Monday, June 15, 2020

                On the New Books Display this Week

                Picture Book:

                • "Thelma the Unicorn" by Aaron BLABEY
                • "Dog Breath : The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis" by Dav PILKEY
                • "The Very Super Bear" by Nick BLAND
                    Fiction Book:
                    • "Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Wrecking Ball " by Jeff KINEY (Diary of a Wimpy Kid series)
                    • "Dork Diaries :Spectacular Superstar" by Renee Rachel RUSSELL (Dork Diaries series)
                    • "Elsa the Mistletoe Fairy" by Daisy MEADOWS (Rainbow Magic series)
                    • "Mr Wolf's Class : Lucky Stars"  by Aron Nels STEINKE (Mr Wolf's Class series)
                    • "Escape to Freedom" by Allan ZULLO
                    • "Inventor Lab : Awesome Builds for Smart Makers" by Allan Jack CHALLONER
                    • "Game On! 2020" editor Dan PEEL
                    • "Odious Oceans" by Anita GANERI (Horrible Geography series)

                    Happy Birthday 2020

                    St Brendan's School Library Blog is 10 Today!

                    Image via Pinterest HERE

                    Monday, June 8, 2020

                    On the New Books Display this Week

                    Picture Book:

                    • "The Internet is Like a Puddle" by Shona INNES; illustrated by Irisz AGOCS
                    • "Definitely, Do Not Open This Book" by Andy LEE
                        Fiction Book:
                        • "The Top Secret  Interdimensional Notes of Buttons McGinty : Book 2 " by Rhys DARBY (Buttons McGinty series)
                        • "Guts"  by Reina TELGEMEIER
                        • "I Can't Believe It! 2" 
                        • "Solar System" by Sarah CRUDDAS (DK Find Out! series)
                        • "Stone Age" by Klint JANULIS & James DILLEY (DK Find Out! series)
                        • "Minecraft : Guide to the Nether and the End" by Stephanie MILTON
                        • "Sharks : Natures Perfect Hunter" by Joe FLOOD (Science Comics series)
                        • "Robots and Drones : Past, Present and Future" by Maighread SCOTT (Science Comics series)
                        Senior Fiction:
                        • "Coming Home"  by Jim ELDRIDGE

                        Tuesday, June 2, 2020

                        On the New Books Display this Week

                        Picture Book:

                        • "A Little Bit Brave" by Nicola KINNEAR
                        • "Attack of the 50-Foot Fly Guy" by Ted ARNOLD
                            Fiction Book:
                            • "Miniwings : Oceana's Kitty" by Sally SUTTON (Miniwings series)
                            • "Ninja Kid 4 : Amazing Ninja!"  by Ahn DO (Ninja Kid series)
                            • "Olivia's Secret Scribbles : Music Makers" by Meredith COSTAIN; illustrated by Danielle McDONALD  (Olivia's Secret Scribbles series)
                            • "Dog Man - For Whom the Ball Rolls" by Dav PILKEY (Dog Man series)
                            • "Star Wars : Jedi Academy - Attack of the Furball" by Amy IGNATOW & Jarret KROSOCZKA (Star Wars : Jedi Academy series)
                            • "Twists, Braids and Ponytails" by Joel BENJAMIN
                            • "Horses and Ponies" by Caroline STAMPS
                            • "Our Planet : The One Place We Call Home" by Matt WHYMAN
                            Senior Fiction:
                            • "Becoming Jo"  by Sophie McKENZIE

                            Wednesday, May 27, 2020

                            Coming Soon

                            Artemis Fowl, the movie based on the Artemis Fowl series of books written by Eion Colfer. Due in cinemas in Australia in June this year and with luck here soon afterwards.