Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting Ready for End of Year 2016

Image from HERE
The Christmas School Holidays are not far away now, but before they arrive there are some important tasks to get done. In the library we are preparing for our annual end of year stocktake!

All library books are due back before Friday, 2nd December. You can help out by returning all your library books to the library "As Soon As Possible" and before the end of this week please.

Will your class will be first to return all their library books this year?

If you have any other school books such as journals, junior reading books and class books lying around at home  now is a good time to return these to school too.

Monday, November 21, 2016

On the New Books Display this Week

Fiction Book:
  • "Barking Mad" by Tom E. MOFFATT
  • "Freak Street : Meet the Vampiresons" by R.L. STINE  (Freak Street series
  • "Amber the Orange Fairy" by Daisy MEADOWS (Rainbow Magic series)
  • "Ella and Olivia : Merry Christmas Stories" by Yvette POSHOGLIAN (Ella and Olivia series
Senior Fiction:
  • "Drama" by Raina TELGEMEIER

Non- Fiction:
  • "Hearing" by Sally HEWITT (Science in Action series
  • "Sight" by Sally HEWITT (Science in Action series

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Busy Lunchtime

Quite an obstacle course to move around in here at lunchtime today. It must have been cold and wet outside! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "Ranger The Kaimanawa Stallion" by Kelly WILSON; illustrated by Jenny COOPER
Fiction Book:
  • "Star Wars : Jedi Academy - A New Class" by Jarret J. KROSOCZKA (Star Wars: Jedi Academy series)
  • "Ella Diaries : Operation Merry Christmas" by Meredith COSTAIN (Ella Diaries series)
  • "Diary of A Wimpy Kid : Old School" by Jeff KINNEY  (Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
  • "Welcome to Camp Nightmare" by R.L. STINE  (Goosebumps series
  • "Edge of Extinction" by Laura MARTIN

Non- Fiction:
  • "The Vicious Vikings" by Terry DEARY; illustrated by Martin BROWN
  • "Christmas Jokes" by Toby REYNOLDS ; illustrated by Andrew PINDER

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

On the New Books Display this Week

Image via New Zealand Book Awards Trust
Picture Book:
  • "Buzz Boy and Fly Guy" by Tedd ARNOLD
Fiction Book:
  • "Wheelnuts! : Rainforest Rumble" by KNIFE &PACKER (Wheelnuts! series)
  • "Jacky Ha-Ha" by James PATTERSON
  • "Magic Molly : The Witch's Kitten & The Wish Puppy" by Holly WEBB  (Magic Molly series
Senior Fiction:
  • "Battlesaurus : Rampage at Waterloo" by Brian FALKNER

        Non- Fiction:
        • "What's Up With Bridget's Mum? : Medi Kidz Explain Breast Cancer" by Kim CHILMAN-BLAIR & John TADDEO
        • "What's Up With Paulina? : Medi Kidz Explain Food Allergy" by Kim CHILMAN-BLAIR & John TADDEO
        • "First to the Top : Sir Edmund Hillary's Amazing Everest Adventure" by David HILL ; illustrated by Phoebe MORRIS

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