Monday, March 25, 2013

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "Perky the Pukeko" by Michelle OSMENT, illustrated by SUNSET
  • "Barnaby Bennett"  by Hannah RAINFORTH, illustrated by Ali TEO
  • "Dako-Snappysaurus" by Kyle MEWBURN (Dinosaur Rescue series)
  • "The Flytrap Snaps" by Johanna KNOX (Fly Papers series)
Senior Fiction:
  • "Hitler's Angel" by William OSBORNE
  • "Pandemic : Spanish Flu 1918" by Sally STONE (My Story NZ series)
  • "Earthquake : Napier 1930-31" by Janine McVEAGH (My Story NZ series)
  • "At the Beach : Explore and Discover the New Zealand Seashore" by Nick BARRAUD  & Gillian CANDLER
  • "Nic's Cookbook" by Nic BROCKELBANK

Monday, March 18, 2013

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "Mister Whistler" by Margaret MAHY, illustrated by Gavin Bishop
  • "Why I Love My Mum" illustrated by Daniel HOWARTH
  • "Lily Gets in a Pink Pickle" by Elizabeth PULFORD (Littlest Angel series)
  • "Five Go Adventuring Again" by Enid Blyton (Famous Five series)
  • "Five Run Away Together" by Enid Blyton (Famous Five series)
  • "Hey Jack! : The Winning Goal" by Sally RIPPIN (Hey Jack! series)
Senior Fiction:
  • "The Mark of Athena" by Rick RIORDAN (Heroes of Olympus series)
  • "Bugs" by Sarah CREESE (Ready to Read series)
  • "Eruption! Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes" by Maria GILL

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The aBook

You've heard of the iBook and the eBook, well now here's ...

This cartoon is from HERE 
(Thanks for sharing this with the listserve Stephanie)

Monday, March 11, 2013

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "I Love Lemonade" by Mark SOMMERSET, illustrated by Rowan SOMMERSET
Mature Picture Book:
Senior Fiction:

  • "Titanic : An Edwardian Girls Diary, 1912" by Ellen Emerson WHITE (My Story UK series)
  • "The Drover's Quest" by Susan Brocker
  • "Tareima's Stringby Jill MACGREGOR (Children of the Pacific series)
  • "Wrapping it up" by Jill MACGREGOR (Children of the Pacific series)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NZ Census Day - We Count!

Spiekermann House Numbers
This picture is from HERE
It's New Zealand Census Day 2013, the day when Statistics New Zealand takes a snapshot of how many people there are in New Zealand and where they live. Everyone must fill in a census form, or have one filled in for them, at the address where they stay the night tonight - even overseas visitors and babies. The 2013 census can also be filled in online instead of on the paper forms.
Information from the census is used to help make decisions about community services such as hospitals, schools, roads, public transport and recreational facilities. Census information is also used by councils, community groups and businesses to help plan for the future. 

The above information and more about the 2013 Census can be found on the Statistics New Zealand webpage here. You can also find out more about New Zealand Census here.

Monday, March 4, 2013

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "My Dad!" by Chae STRATHIE, illustrated by Jacqueline EAST
  • "Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing"  by The Minstrel
  • "Lily Chases Lost Dreams" by Elizabeth PULFORD (Littlest Angel series)
  • "Battle Files : Air" by Mac PARK (Boy vs Beast series)
  • "Battle Files : Land" by Mac PARK (Boy vs Beast series)
  • "The Brain Sucker" by Glenn WOOD
Senior Fiction:
  • "Ransomwood" by Sherryl JORDAN
  • "Guinness World Records 2013" 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yesterday I added something new to the side panel of the blog - right above Herbie our Virtual Library Pet. Did you notice it?

Every day there's a new wonder to explore just click on the picture or the title to find out more about the Wonder of the Day. As well as Can You Hit the Bullseye? they have featured topics such as:  What is a Solar Storm?;  How Strong is Silk?;  What is Diabetes?;  How Hungry are Hippos? and Are You Left- or Right- Brained? you can read about these and other wonders by clicking the green View More Wonders button.
Check out Wonderopolis now - you might learn some interesting stuff and WOW your parents and teachers!

I found out about Wonderopolis HERE.
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