Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2018 - Picture Books

Granny McFlitter the Champion Knitter by Heather Haylock, illustrated by Lael Chisholm

I am Jellyfish written & illustrated by Ruth Paul

That's not the Monster we Ordered by Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones, illustrated by Richard Fairgray

The Gift Horse by Sophie Siers, illustrated by Katherine White

The Longest Breakfast by Jenny Bornholt, illustrated by Sarah Wilkins

Visit the blog again next week for the Junior Fiction finalists or if you can't wait till then have a look here for a list of all the finalists.

Image via New Zealand Book Awards Trust

Monday, June 25, 2018

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "The Little Kiwi's Matariki" by Nikki SLADE-ROBINSON
  • "Hickory Dickory Dash" by Tony WILSON; illustrated by Laura WOOD
      Fiction Book:
      • "The Haunting of Spook House" by George IVANOFF (You Choose ... series)
      • "Dragon Rider" by Cornelia FUNKE
      • "Ninja Kid" by Ahn DO (Ninja Kid series)
      Senior Fiction:
      • "Don't Tell the Enemy" by Marsha Forchuk SKRYPUCH
      Non- Fiction: 
      • "Minecraft : Guide to Creative" by Craig JELLEY (Minecraft : Guide to ... series)
      • "ICONZ - An Iconic Look at New Zealand" by Marsha Forchuk SKRYPUCH

      Monday, June 18, 2018

      On the New Books Display this Week

      The Stolen Stars of Matariki (PB)

      How Not to Stop a Kidnap Plot
      Picture Book:
      • "The Whale and the Snapper" by Jo VAN DAM; illustrated by Richard HOIT
      • "The Stolen Stars of Matariki" by Miriama KAMO; illustrated by Zak WAIPARA
          Fiction Book:
          • "How Not to Stop a Kidnap Plot" by Suzanne MAIN 
          • "Dog Man and Cat Kid" by Dav PILKEY (Dog Man series)
          • "Ella Diaries : Total TV Drama" by Meredith COSTAIN; illustrated by Danielle McDONALD (Ella Diaries series)
          Senior Fiction:
          • "Boy X" by Dan SMITH
          Non- Fiction: 
          • "Super Skeleton" by Anna CLAYBOURNE (Body Works series)
          • "Heroic Heart" by Anna CLAYBOURNE (Body Works series)

          Friday, June 15, 2018

          Happy Birthday 2018

          St Brendan's School Library Blog is 8 Today!

          Happy Birthday Text Clipart
          Image from HERE

          Tuesday, June 12, 2018

          Book Fair 2018 - Update

          St Brendan's Book Fair has wrapped up for another year. A BIG Thank You to everyone who came along, helping to make it the most successful Book Fair we have run. This year book fair sales earned us an amazing 60+ free new books for our library collection.
          An extra special thank you to the families who purchased a "Red Dot" book for donation to the library - keep a look out for them on the library “New Book Display” over the next few weeks, they'll all have special Book Fair 2018 Donation book plates inside!
          There are still a number of books on order from the Scholastic Book Fair warehouse. I'm hopeful that these will arrive tomorrow and I can deliver them to the eager recipients in their classrooms before the end of the day.

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