Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kyle Mewburn

Picture Source - used with permission.
Kyle Mewburn was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1963. He studied at the Queensland Institute of Technology completing a Bachelor of Business Degree before traveling overseas. Kyle travelled in Europe and the Middle East and then settled in New Zealand in 1990. He has been writing for children full-time since 1997.  Before that he spent time as a journalist,     EFL teacher, Environment Centre manager, dishwasher, interviewer, traffic surveyor, apple-picker, machine operator and Kibbutznik (a member of a kibbutz). Kyle lives with his wife in Central Otago in a grass-roofed house he built by himself. (You can see his grass-roofed house in the background of the photo above and on his webpage).

Kyle has written many picture books which have been published in nine countries so far. He has also written numerous school readers and a junior chapter book series Pop Hooper's Perfect Pets. His first junior novel A Crack in the Sky was released in 2010 and his latest Do Not Push was released just last month. A new junior chapter book series Dinosaur Rescue is due for release next month.
Kyle Mewburn won the Joy Cowley Award in 2005 and his books have been finalists in the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards several times, with Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! being the Picture Book & Children's Choice Winner in 2007 and Old Hu-Hu  the Picture Book & Book of the Year Winner in 2010.

Books by Kyle Mewburn we have in our library: The Hoppleplop;  Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!No Room for a Mouse;  Duck's Stuck!;  Old Hu-Hu;  The Eleventh Sheep;  Hill & Hole; Daisy's Maze; Three Cheer's for No-Ears! and Hester and Lester in the Picture Books. Also copies of books in the Pop Hooper's Perfect Pets series and A Crack in the Sky in our Fiction section. Books in the Dinosaur Rescue series are coming soon.
Upper Hutt Library currently holds copies of 20 children's books by Kyle Mewburn.

Most of the above information about Kyle Mewburn was adapted from here and here.

For more information about Kyle Mewburn and his books visit Kyle Mewburn's Homepage.


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