Thursday, May 10, 2012

Upper Hutt Library Quiz 2012

On Tuesday two teams of Year 7 & 8 students competed at the Upper Hutt Library NZ Post Children's Book Awards Quiz.  Our Teams were:
Quizzicals - Meg, Zoe, Zack & Joseph and
Factoids - Laura, India, Miguel & Rory. 
They competed against teams of Yr7-8 and Yr9-10 students from other local intermediate and secondary schools hoping to finish in the top three and win book vouchers of $50, $75 or $100 for the school. Both teams worked hard and urgent whispering could often be heard from them and the other teams during the question rounds. Questions covered a range of topics including geography, national flags, current events, advertising logos, books and general knowledge. You could get an idea of how the teams were going by the number of quiet cheers of success versus groans of disappointment there were as the answers to a round of questions were read out!  When the final placings were announced we learned the Factoids had placed 5th while the Quizzicals had finished in 2nd place just 2 points behind the winning team from Upper Valley Middle School.  Well done teams!

Congratulations to the Quizzicals.
Teachers, librarians and parents who attended with the teams were also able to take part in the quiz and our team - which included Mrs Thompson & myself from St Brendan's as well as others from Heretaunga College, Fergusson Intermediate and Upper Valley Middle School - finished ahead of the team of librarians from Upper Hutt Library!


  1. go the QUIZZICALS!!
    Thank you Mrs Keane for organaising the teams and i can't wait to see the new books in the library!!

    1. You're welcome Meg, but Mrs Bank's actually did most of the organising really - I just got to go along with you and join the fun! Next we need to get the team together again to choose books to spend the voucher on.


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