Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "Yuck! That's Not a Monster!" by Angela McALLISTER, illustrated by Alison EDGSON
  • "Buzz & Poppy and the Talent Quest" by Jim MORA, illustrated by Brett CHAMBERS
  • "The Dragonfly Pool" by Eva IBBOTSON
  • "Freak Street : Meet the Supersons" by KNIFE & PACKER (Freak Street series)
  • "Elephant Alert" by Jackie FRENCH (Animal Rescue series)
  • "Gorilla Alert" by Jackie FRENCH (Animal Rescue series)
Senior Fiction:
  • "The Enchanted Flute" by James NORCLIFFE
  • "WOW! Science" by Clive GIFFORD (WOW! series)
  • "The Junior Cook" Family Circle Step-by Step

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