Monday, July 22, 2013

Monster Bookmarks & More - Holiday Boredom Busters

Image from HERE

More Monster bookmarks

You can adapt the monster bookmarks featured in the Boredom Buster from last school holidays to make book marks that look like these:

Image from HERE

Animal bookmarks

You could make animal bookmarks like these:

You can print out a template for the eyes and ears etc. HERE

Image from HERE

Bunny bookmarks

Or try some bunny bookmarks like this:

Image from HERE

Origami bookmarks

You can also try making origami bookmarks (instructions HERE) - including this one adapted to look like The Angry Bird.

Image from HERE

Character bookmarks

Or make origami bookmarks and then draw your own book characters and colour them yourself.  

These Pirate and Witch bookmarks have templates and a How To video HERE

Hope you have lots of fun making your own bookmarks, see you next term.

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