Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Now Even More Holiday Boredom Busters

Feeling a bit bored this school holidays? 

You might want to try out some of these links:

Fun, games and videos with Timmy Failure at the Timmy Failure website.

Boredom Busters with Billie B Brown at the Billie B Brown website.

Games, videos and more with Big Nate at the Big Nate Books website.

Join Ava Anne Appleton for a word search, do some colouring in or make a bookmark at Ava Anne Appleton's website.

Find games and more fun stuff with Tom Gates at the Tom Gates website.

Download Alice-Miranda colouring in pages from the authors website.

And if you're still bored after looking at all those websites take a look at the earlier Boredom Buster blog posts HERE to check out the changes since last time you visited them.

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