Monday, November 7, 2016

On the New Books Display this Week

Image via New Zealand Book Awards Trust
Picture Book:
  • "Buzz Boy and Fly Guy" by Tedd ARNOLD
Fiction Book:
  • "Wheelnuts! : Rainforest Rumble" by KNIFE &PACKER (Wheelnuts! series)
  • "Jacky Ha-Ha" by James PATTERSON
  • "Magic Molly : The Witch's Kitten & The Wish Puppy" by Holly WEBB  (Magic Molly series
Senior Fiction:
  • "Battlesaurus : Rampage at Waterloo" by Brian FALKNER

        Non- Fiction:
        • "What's Up With Bridget's Mum? : Medi Kidz Explain Breast Cancer" by Kim CHILMAN-BLAIR & John TADDEO
        • "What's Up With Paulina? : Medi Kidz Explain Food Allergy" by Kim CHILMAN-BLAIR & John TADDEO
        • "First to the Top : Sir Edmund Hillary's Amazing Everest Adventure" by David HILL ; illustrated by Phoebe MORRIS

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