Monday, May 8, 2017

On the New Books Display this Week

Picture Book:
  • "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" by Ronda ARMITAGE; illustrated by David ARMITAGE
  • "The Cat Got My Tongue" by Kathryn HARPER (Katie-Jane series)
Fiction Book:
  • "House of Robots : Robot Revolution" by James PATTERSON (House of Robots series)
  • "Dirty Bertie : Horror!" by Alan MACDONALD; illustrated by David ROBERTS (Dirty Bertie series)
  • "Frankie Potts and the Postcard Puzzle" by Juliet JACKA (Frankie Potts series)
Senior Fiction:
  • "The Graveyard Book : Vol 1 - Graphic Novel" by Neil GAIMAN & P. Craig RUSSELL
  • "The Graveyard Book : Vol 2 - Graphic Novel" by Neil GAIMAN & P. Craig RUSSELL

Non- Fiction:
  • "The Worlds Worst Earthquakes " by John P. BAKER (Blazers series)
  • "The Worlds Worst Floods " by John P. BAKER (Blazers series)

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