Monday, June 18, 2018

On the New Books Display this Week

The Stolen Stars of Matariki (PB)

How Not to Stop a Kidnap Plot
Picture Book:
  • "The Whale and the Snapper" by Jo VAN DAM; illustrated by Richard HOIT
  • "The Stolen Stars of Matariki" by Miriama KAMO; illustrated by Zak WAIPARA
      Fiction Book:
      • "How Not to Stop a Kidnap Plot" by Suzanne MAIN 
      • "Dog Man and Cat Kid" by Dav PILKEY (Dog Man series)
      • "Ella Diaries : Total TV Drama" by Meredith COSTAIN; illustrated by Danielle McDONALD (Ella Diaries series)
      Senior Fiction:
      • "Boy X" by Dan SMITH
      Non- Fiction: 
      • "Super Skeleton" by Anna CLAYBOURNE (Body Works series)
      • "Heroic Heart" by Anna CLAYBOURNE (Body Works series)

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