Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Favourite Harry Potter Character - Update

Less than two days to vote for your favourite Harry Potter character, so if you haven't already, VOTE NOW!

The Poll closes on 26th August  (which here in N.Z. might mean about midday on 27th August) and the results will be announced by Bloomsbury Publishers on Tuesday 30th August.  Results will be available here on our library blog as soon as I know they are available.

Two people have commented about who they voted for on my first blog post  about the favourite Harry Potter character, and they both voted for different characters, Hermione and Harry.  I can tell you I voted for someone else too, Professor Snape (I know, I know.... he is a bad guy most of the time but really he is one of the good guys, you just don't find that out till almost the end).

So.... if the official poll is as close as our comments indicate it could be very close indeed.

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