Monday, September 30, 2013

Which Fictional Character are You?

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Have you ever wondered what character you would be if you were a character in a fiction book?

If you have, now you can find out, by answering a short quiz  HERE at AbeBooks.

After finding out about this quiz here I thought I'd try it out and see how it went ... and was surprised to discover the fictional character I am most like is Hermione, from the Harry Potter series.

Today, as a bit of fun, I decided to do the quiz and choose the answers for each question that I would be "Least Likely" to choose to do in real life and see which fictional character I was maybe the least like ... and apparently I am least like the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia.
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Why don't you have a go at the quiz HERE at AbeBooks and see what fictional character you are most like and let me know in the comments below. You never know who you might be most like, perhaps Peter Pan or Lucy Pevensie or Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen or Achilles or Juliet!

You might even like to find out your "anti-character" - the one you are least like.

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